Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013

(Kurz)Rezi #44 Summer Night (Novelette) von Lizzy Ford

Auch das Buch nur auf Englisch. :D

One choice. One soul. One price. Summer’s choice threatens to destroy not only her own life, but Decker’s, too, on the night she falls into the Dark. With both Summer and Decker trapped by their choices, it’s up to Decker’s twin to find a way to make things right. Beck, the new Master of Light, is forced to step up in his role as the protector of Light. He discovers that sometimes, the protector must come between the Dark and its own Master in order to save them both from being consumed. To save his brother, he must risk everything – even his soul – on the slim chance Summer can redeem herself, if given a second chance. If he’s right, he’ll save Decker from a lifetime of agony. If he’s wrong, he’ll lose much more than Decker and Summer, for there will be no one standing between Darkness and the rest of the world.
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Es ist, meiner Meinung nach nötig, dieses Buch nach "Dark Summer" und vor "Autumn Storm", zu lesen denn ich denke, dass sonst viele Infos verloren gehen würden und das Folgende schwer zu verstehen wäre.
Und auch hier bin ich glücklich, dass ich das Folgebuch schon habe und ich lesen kann, wie es mit Summer weiter geht! ♥


It's a need to read this book after Dark Summer and before Autumn Storm, because I think everything else could be a bit difficult in understanding what comes next. I'm so happy that I already have Autumn Storm that I can read what is with Summer and the others! <3

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