Dienstag, 2. April 2013

(Kurz-)Rezi #46 The Undead Hunters: Road to Hell by Stephen Ormsby

Also Bücher die ich auf Englisch gelesen habe, werde ich weiterhin auch auf Englisch Rezensieren. Wenn jemand aber möchte, dass ich das ein oder andere auf Deutsch übersetze, scheut euch bitte nicht zu fragen, das mache ich gerne. :D

(This book is a novella and prequel to "The Undead Hunters" Series. "Pendant" the first full length novel of this series is due out April 5th, 2013.) Road to Hell is a graphic depiction of love, hatred and the power of the heart, as we join Conrad in the sixteen hundreds, and follow him on his journey of self-destruction. Once in love with his life, Conrad's world is rocked when he discovers his beloved is cheating on him. Using blood magic and power, Conrad seeks his revenge and pays the ultimate price in this brutal and violent tale of vengeance.
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This book is so freaking good!! I never expected that this book would be SO awesome.
The difficulty of the language was a problem at first, because I haven't understood everything, but after the first 5 pages I were in it and I felt so much with Conrad (I don't know if this is good or not... :D). And it was like a rush of adrenaline I had while I read.
I've read books of Bryan Smith and Edward Lee and this prequel is quite similar to the work of both authors. Ooohh I'm sooo looking forward to the full length novel "Pendant"!!!

This is really a must-read for every person who loves bloody, crazy and unbelievable stories!! <3

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