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(Kurz-)Rezi #51 La Cala by N. Wood

Auf Englisch, weil ich die Kurzgeschichte auf Englisch gelesen habe. :'D

Here is my review for the short story "La Cala" by N. Wood!
Thanks (again *0*) to Nat for the chance to read that shorty! ♥ *huuuugs*

When Lance McCarthy chose Ibiza for his holiday destination, he didn't expect to spend the week with Malachy Walsh, an Irish man dressed in blue striped pyjamas.
La Cala is an erotic short story that may well bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye.
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It's steamy, it's swoonworthy and I cried.

There were so many emotions that I've felt during reading "La Cala". At first it was a wonderful and steamy holiday love and then it turned into a awesome sad story. ♥
I mean, this shorty has just 53 pages, but there is such a great turn within the story. If I'm honest I haven't expected that! :) I thought.. well... 18+... sex scenes... nothing more... but it wasn't! You can feel how Lance and Malachy "Mack" are falling in love with each other.
I can't say you how everything ends and I will not give you a detailed summarize of the content, just read it by yourself! *0*
I really loved it and (Nat, excuse that I say that here xD) I wrote N. a message on facebook with the beginning: "Nat?...... That's not okay!!..."
Hahaha you'll think the same, hahaha I promise you!

To come to a conclusion, I really liked the few pages (I WANT this story to be a book actually.... so... really... I want that.. xD) and for that - I was entertained and ... it was so steamy.. xDD ♥ - I give "La Cala" 5 of 5 stars! ♥

Here a few links which are making it much more easier to stalk N. and her books! :D

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N. Wood links:
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  1. Danke!!! Thanks so much for reading and enjoying my story and for reviewing it also! Don't worry, I'll have some even better things headed out soon enough for you to enjoy just as much xxx


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