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Rezi(Review) # 55: Landlocked (A water witch novel) by C. S. Moore

Maribel dreams of the ocean, but has never been.

Her overprotective aunt and uncle have kept her away from the place that calls to her at night. And trying to push them into taking her isn’t an option. She knows how much it hurts them to talk about the very thing that took her parents’ lives so many years ago in a boating accident. In fact Maribel never pushes anything with her loving adopted family, until she meets Jaron.

He is unbelievably hot and the only boy that she has ever been attracted to. For the first time in her life she feels exhilarated and truly alive. She can tell that he feels it too, so why does he keep disappearing on her? And why is it that as soon as her secretive brooding knight shows up, her world is turned upside down? People are following her, she’s having terrifying nightmares, and she suddenly gets the feeling that her beloved aunt and uncle are keeping something from her. Can she unravel the secrets of her past without her life falling apart along the way? Will the truth forever change the way she sees the people that she loves?

Book Info:

The cover is not overloaded and I really like it, because it shows a wonderful and thrilling scene in the book and it just matched perfectly even if it's kind of restrained. But that has not to be bad. ;D

This book is about - for us - unearthly und no real creatures which are living under us humans. There is much love in Landlocked and I just love it! Maribel is overprotected by her aunt Silvia and her uncle Dylan. She's living with them since Mari's parents died in an accident - that's what Silvia told Mari, but is this story true?
Silvia and Dylan love Mari like she's their own child and they protect her with everything they can - is this protection going in the wrong direction? Are they protecting her too much? Or is it justified?

Maribel meets Jaron in school. He's awesome looking - like a God of a man. And he is charming and just lovable. Jaron is a real gentleman and and he is there for Mari when she needs him. There is a connection between them, which both don't understand, but they like it and learn to love each other. But Jaron is keeping secrets.. why can't he just tell her what's going on and why has he puffy eyes in lunch break at school?

You can find out all the answer of this questions when you read the book! :D I asked myself these questions while reading and they all got answered.... in understandable, but also in strange ways. Find out what is the mistery around Maribel, her family and Jaron.

Maribel ~ Mari is an awesome girl! I can identify myself wih her, 'cause on the first sight she is like every other girl, but on closer viewing she is a special person with a heart of gold. I just love her like I would love a little sister and I'm looking forward to read more of her.

Jaron ~ He is lovable... a gentleman... sexy ( in my mind.... *0* like a for me too young god... xD) and he is the right guy for Maribel I think. I can't imagine anyone more perfect to be on her side! ♥

Clarissa ~ haha Clarissa is the best example of how a best friend should be. :D Just the deep connection between her and Silvia is a thing I don't like that much.. I mean Clarissa's mom is the devil herself and I really hate her, but sometimes Clarissa is more thinking of how Silvia feels, than she is thinking of how Mari feels. That's the only thing I don't like that much about Clarissa, but beside of that, she is a stunning girl and I would love her to be my best friend. :D

Silvia ~ Silvia is a strong and stunning woman. Highly overprotective, but awesome. At first I didn't liked Silvia that much, because the was like a clucking hen... ^^ It wrecked my nerves, but at the end of the book I understood why she is like she is and that she is just a marvellous woman.

Dylan ~ Dylan..... Dylan.... *sigh*... *0*... He's a calm person (almost always.. xD and he is just a good man like Jaron would be if he's older. ♥ Dylan is as protective as Silvia, but he can hide his worries way better than his wife! xD He would be the perfect father to his own kids, if he had own kids. But he hasn't and so he's the perfect surrogate father. :D

Style of Writing:
I was soaked into the book from the beginning and not just because I love book of that style! Landlockes is more than well written I think and it's pretty good understandable! ♥

My conclusion is, that I'm in love with this book and I would marry it, if it wouldn't be strange to marry a book.. xD I'm giving Landlocked 5 of 5 stars! And I'm sooo looking forward to the next book (because there is a bad, bad, bad, bad cliffhanger at the end.... AHHH... can't wait *bites nails*!)! ♥

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